Established in 2001, Cleantech Systems is a visionary in the field of component cleaning. With a wide experience in the design & manufacturing, we emphasize providing total solution for component cleaning through integration of right processes, machine configuration and chemical selection

  • Our products are designed for effective removal of oil, coolant, metal swarf, tapping & polishing compounds, dust etc. for ready to assembly components or for the components which are in process of operations
  • Our machines are designed by a team of highly energetic and experienced engineers. Design and development team has strong capability to fulfill the clients’ requirements through implementation of various advanced techniques in mechanical engineering.
  • Our products are innovative, aesthetically excellent, user friendly, robust and cost effective.
  • Cleantech manufacturers a variety of cleaning machines including :
    1. Dipping & Dunking Machine
    2. Rotary Table Component Cleaning Machine
    3. Conveyorised Component Cleaning Machine
    4. Rotary Indexing Componet Cleaning Machine
    5. Cabinet Component Cleaning Machine
    6. Customized Component Cleaning Machine
    7. Ultrasonic Component Cleaning Machine

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company commited to cost effective, creative, reliable and ecofriendly products.

CEO Prashant Savardekar


The Company has well equipped office with Computers, Telephones, mobiles, Fax, video-conferencing, LAN and internet facilities.

The company has good infrastructure. Well equipped conference hall with projector and production floor with all required tools, monitoring and measuring equipments, machinery like welding machines, drilling machines, grinders, cutters, compressors, overhead crane & genset etc. improves the productivity of the company.

Skilled, efficient manpower is the true power of the company. Highly energetic Cleantech Team is committed for growth and achieving its targets with satisfactory speed.

Rotary Table Component Cleaning Machine,  Cabinet Component Cleaning Machine,  Multi Carrousel Component Cleaning Machine,  Dipping and Dunking ,   Conveyorised Component Cleaning Machine,  Indexing Component Cleaning Machine,  Ultrasonic Component Cleaning Machine   

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Our Efforts are always in the direction to delight our customer using creative solution, technology up-gradation, product relability, efficient and continual improvements of business processes.

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