An Eco friendly Holiday Destination…..

Welcome To Madhusad Nest

Eyes can’t do but

Seeing ‘gain and ‘gain

Greeneries rolling around,

further and farther.

Birds swinging and,

Chirping round the clock.

Mountains on my sides,

in front and behind too.

Blue heavens on head

bestowing blessings

For me only to enjoy merrily,

As if, I am a child of nature



Right orchestra of Nature , a soul of an isolated place where peace is at its best. It is rather not possible to hear any man made sound. Right from dawn to dusk you hear huge varieties of sounds of colourful tiny & cute birds only. You hear variety of chirping, tinkling chiming together with rustling sound of leaves, whistling sound of wind when it passes through the bamboo islands.

All this makes you salute the nature mother. At times , you might go into trance too. In cities this is just unimaginable. To experience this you have to come to Madhusad Nest ONLY.

Madhusad Nest is about 35 kms from Chiplun and 25 kms from Guhagar.

It is a self contained cottage of 2 BHK with modern facilities like A.C. , dish tv, water purifier , tea/coffee maker , dining & beverages cutlery & of course inverter back up.

You can order delicious veg-non.veg. meal .

Indeed it is an ideal place to enjoy your holiday & freak out with your family & friends. This is the place where birds wish you good morning .