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PROTUS SYSTEMS Premier Product Realization Company provides end-to-end services for product design and development in the embedded space.

PROTUS SYSTEMS offers professional design services which include hardware and software development, customizable product designs and Systems Engineering that improve quality and accelerate time-to-market for a broad range of embedded systems.

PROTUS SYSTEMS products and services have, over the years, heralded the use of latest technologies across a wide spectrum of domains like Defense, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Wireless, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial Applications.


To be a leading product realization company, designing products and providing services for end-to-end embedded solutions for technologies of the future. Through technological innovation, quality and timely deliveries, we want to ensure increased value to our customers and a better return on investment to our shareholders and partners.


Our Technology

  • Atmel : 8051, AVR
  • Microchip : PIC 16FXX, PIC18FXX
  • Freescale
  • Renesas
  • Texas Instrument
  • Zigbee
  • RF
  • Wi Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Serial : RS232, RS485
  • CAN
  • LIN
  • USB
  • MEMS (Accelerometer, Pressure, Gyro)
  • GAS Sensor
  • Touch screen
  • Biometric

Our Services

Digital Image Processing

The Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. As a subcategory or field of digital signal processing, digital image processing has many advantages over analog image processing. It allows a much wider range of algorithms to be applied to the input data and can avoid problems such as the build-up of noise and signal distortion during processing. Since images are defined over two dimensions (perhaps more) digital image processing may be modeled in the form of multidimensional systems.
Digital cameras generally include dedicated digital image processing chips. Digital image processing has wide applications in intelligent transportation systems. Various bio-metrics techniques are deployed in face, iris, finger-print to identify and authentify. For getting recognition in security systems image processing holds an important role. Scientific imaging to detect un-curable diseases like cancer, thyroid etc in various fields.

Power Converters

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High power converter for electric vehicle applications Railway side applications Use of power semiconductor in large power electronics side applications Home electronics side applications Industry side applications
VLSI (Very Large-Scale Integration) is the current level of computer microchip miniaturization and refers to microchips containing in the hundreds of thousands of transistor s. LSI (Large-Scale Integration) meant microchips containing thousands of transistors. Earlier, MSI (Medium-Scale Integration) meant a microchip containing hundreds of transistors and SSI (Small-Scale Iintegration) meant transistors in the tens. The main orgin of any technology is known as Core. An Integrated Circuit is an origin of the VLSI.Inside of an IC,There are millions of transistors placed
  • Industry Application
  • Portable Devices
  • For Preventing the DPA Attacks

Design Services:

Being a single source for hardware and software expertise, Mistral helps developers save on valuable development time and costs. The software engineers and hardware designers work together in an efficient and seamless manner providing expert design, development and support services.

Mistral's professional services include hardware board design, reference designs, driver development, board support packages, embedded applications, codec and DSP algorithms across various domains. These services are delivered through a proven development process, designed specifically for embedded product development. Iintegral solutions is an industry in high quality PCB Design and turnkey electronic engineering offering the very best service at competitive prices. We are considered as one of the top PCB design and turnkey electronic engineering service companies. Our specialties include RF circuit and PCB design, digital circuit design including DSP, and FPGA as well as low level analog design.

We offer competitive rates, quick turn around times and a personal commitment to meet your design needs. R&D Services providing a broad spectrum of services such as Technology Research, New Product Development, Product Sustenance, and Manufacturing to a number of industry verticals such as Metering, Automotive, Telecom Networks, Industrial Systems, Consumer Electronics, Security and Surveillance.

IIS has a large team of design engineers, systems engineering experts and support engineers, who help provide customers with a comprehensive package of end-to-end services ranging from front-end consulting and planning to developing, integrating and managing turnkey technology solutions. The design of chips and systems with such complexity – while meeting demands for performance, low power, and time to market – is possible only with advanced electronic design automation (EDA) tools.

EDA software and hardware enables everything from the design of individual transistors to the development of software before any hardware is built. Another crucial enabling factor is semiconductor intellectual property (IP), which provides pre-verified building blocks for memory controllers, interface protocols, or specialized processors that are integrated into SoCs. We were founded on honesty and integrity, but have grown due to a desire to build strong client relationships, always providing a personal touch, a defined presence by not only our staff but ongoing clients who have used us over the past decade.


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