About Us

It takes a long time to grow young – Pablo Picaso.
                      Growing younger with every moment, Astarte was conceived from the thought of bringing like minded individuals together to keep life saving remedies well within the reach of one and all. Never ending zeal to reach new heights has been driving Astarte towards success every now and then. We at Astarte take pride in serving the society not only through our medicines but also by making difference to people’s lives through our social initiatives.


     To bring nectar of life well within reach of every individual

Our Team

Swapnil Pingle
Managing Director

As the MD of the company, Swapnil Pingle plays a pivotal role in deciding the strategic direction of the company and its execution, expansion plans and business development. His current mission is to build Astarte into a multinational powerhouse organization.

Sheetal Pingle

As one of the founder members of Astarte, Sheetal Pingle has made substantial contribution towards the growth of Astarte and has played a key role in the expansion of business.Her focus lies in enhancing customer experience, ensuring value-delivery to customers.

Amit Pingle

As one of the founder and top leaders at Astarte, Amit Pingle is responsible for strategic planning and Specialized in financial reporting and having innate management skills, he helps in raising capital and enhancing top-to-bottom line results.