What we do

Our services include an Express Car Wash, Full Service Car Wash, and Supplying Newspaper Milks as per MRP price and also provide the Laundry services.

What can you expect from Car washing service?

Scrub wash

Here the car and Tyres will complete washed with water to wash dirt, mud and salt. The cloth used is very soft and regularly cleaned to ensure that there is nothing caught up in them that could scratch the cars. They are replaced once they become worn or too soiled to clean effectively

Dry Wash

After the car is completely washed, the final step in the automated process is the dryer. Much like a giant hair dryer, the dryer washes large amount of water and get it the final stage of finishing.

Touch up

Here we usually clean the windows, Mats, wipe down the dashboard and doors, add some air freshener inside the car

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What can you expect from Laundry service?

Now it is very simple you to get your clothes cleaned, Book a call with professional services and get this done Immediately. Our professional laundry person will reach at your door step and collect the material, will cleaners and Pressers your clothes immediately then it will come back looking fresh and beautiful.

What can you expect from Milk service?

The milk and other fine products you order will always be there -- on time, fresh, and just as you ordered them. Everything is taken care of for you. We want our customers to be more than satisfied with our service. We want you to be delighted. It works based on tokens, We will be issuing tokens based on the requirement of Milk and curd, So whenever you required it’s just want to give the tokens and avail the service.

The cost of our delivery service is based on the products

What can you expect from Newspaper?

All kinds of newspaper will be available, Order will be taken and it will be supplied on daily morning at you door step, We will be very punctual and will be charging the actual bill, No extra charges will be collected

What can you expect from Mineral Water service?

When there is requirement of mineral waters just want to book a call on the registered number then our Professional person will reach your door step with the mineral water which you required within the mentioned time

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About Us

A1services is the first ever services which provides daily services and also at your door step

A1 service is a Team which satisfies your daily requirements in you busy life and appears you as a Professionalist.

Those who reside in apartments can avail A1 services as its covers the daily requirement for each flats and provides services in professional way.


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